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Google Doc highlighting the work carried out on and web sites

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This document highlights the work carried out in order to be sure that and complies with the Google Guidelines regarding inbound and outbound links.

Inbound links

Many of the links to our websites are developer links that come from our Drupal theme projects (
- Zero Point - (7,253 installs)
- ABC Theme - (412 installs)
- Black Hole - (309 installs)
- Yahoo Pure.CSS Framework - (191 installs)

We have reviewed many of the inbound links to and as per excel documents downloaded from Google Webmaster Tools console.

Because webmasters had the option to choose to hide or show our developer link, we discovered that many links are hidden with CSS. Therefore, we decided to review all the theme projects, and, in the last month, we released new major versions for Drupal 7, as follow:

Webmasters have been notified by Drupal to upgrade their websites to the latest versions of the themes.

Besides the links to our websites that are developer links there are many documents and pages written by professionals and/or European representatives who cite our projects as an example of good related content and therefore we consider those links legitimate. Here are some examples for (European Copyright Office):

It is important to mention that we do not write in forums, blogs, etc. about our websites/projects, and never did.

Outbound links

We have reviewed all the outbound links on homepage and found out that there are 7 links from the total 12 that passed PageRank.

We have reviewed all the outbound links on homepage and found out that there are 2 links from the total 9 that passed PageRank.

Even we believe that Google engine did saw all the above links as no follow, we made sure that all the outbound links have the nofollow tag in place.

Both and are free of outbound links that pass PageRank.

Disallowed pages on robots.txt.

We have checked the robots.txt file to be sure that the following pages are blocked:

Pages excluded from index are also excluded from sitemap.xml and do not have a canonical tag.

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