Google Doc highlighting the work carried out

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This document highlights the work carried out in order to be sure that complies with the Google Guidelines regarding outbound links.

Outbound links

We have reviewed all the outbound links on our site and found out that the only links that passed PageRank were the links which points to our own projects, located at the bottom of the front page. Therefore we have added the nofollow tag to the following links:

It is important to mention that all the above domain names are owed by us: Florian Radut, Parmena Radut, or by our company, Dr. Radut Consulting.

We have checked each page of the website to be sure that all the outbound links located on pages that are not blocked by robots.txt have the nofollow tag. is free of outbound links that pass PageRank.

Disallowed pages on robots.txt.

We have checked the robots.txt file to be sure that the following pages are blocked:

Pages excluded from index are also excluded from sitemap.xml

Problematic pages on the Internet

We have found that this website has a fresh copy of See this here: We have contacted Zirnevis Media asking them to erase the copy with not feedback from them.

Other work carried out (unrelated to Google notification) is now mobile friendly serving the same content to mobile users.